Lazy Sheikh Bookmaker Sign Up Service

Comparing betting odds and taking benefit from the value betting bonuses and free bets is highly recommended as it will guarantee higher profits and loads of free bets. A lot of people, however, find the sign-up process at several bookmakers very annoying, and therefore the sign-up service was launched in 2009 in Dublin, London, and Rotterdam. Followed quickly by Barcelona and the Middle East. A very convenient way to quickly sign up at the world’s most reliable bookmakers and online casinos. Never in the history of our service, have we had an issue and won the trust of many high rollers even old professional football players from massive clubs.

If you want to sign up somewhere which is not mentioned in the list or have some other special request, we will do our utmost to find a suitable solution. Thank you for your trust. And good luck!

For example: 29/04/1973 minume age is 18 years old
Not required for the UAE or other countries without postal code.
If blank this will be computer generated
Your request will be sent through a secured SSL service. After 5-10 minutes you will receive an email from each of your prefered bookmaker with a confirmation and login details. Lazy Sheihk Service will also sent an comformation e-mail. After that we suggest you to change the passwords for your own safety. Lazy Sheihk will not store any personal data and will never ever sent spam or other unwatend items. If however, you need some sort of support we are always available to help out.