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World Cup Bookmaker QatarWelcome to World Cup Bookmaker, the best Qatar World Cup betting destination in the world. Since the World Cup of 2010, in South Africa. We’re showing a world audience the BEST BOOKMAKER BONUS and odds comparison for the football world cup. Nowadays also for other sporting World Cups and any available sporting event in the world.


At World Cup Bookmaker you will find the best odds for all Qatar World Cup matches from the best available bookmakers in the world. All our bookmakers enjoy a TREMENDOUS reputation, and are totally licensed and regulated. We thrive to give as much domestic information per country as possible. We look for the best tailor made bonus offers per country, no matter if you live in Albania or Zimbabwe, we always have the best available offers GUARANTEED.  

Live scores and live betting odds

For all World Cup matches in all sports, we offer live betting odds and accurate live scores. Not only do we offer World Cup scores, also we focus on regular sports throughout the season, raging from the Dutch Eredivisie till the United States MLS. Our odds and scores are extremely reliable and always up to date. It’s very smart to compare odds from several World Cup Bookmakers, and open an account for several reasons. 

Firstly, you are able to benefit from MASSIVE sign up bonuses, which allows you to bet a HUGE amount for free. Secondly, comparing odds will give you higher profits. For an example, you would like to bet on Brazil against Serbia in the Qatar World Cup. You think Brazil will win and are willing to risk 500$ on that outcome. At a bookmaker like Betway you receive a payout of 1,45 while at 1xBet you will receive 1,55. Meaning, you will receive $50 more if your bet lands as a winner. Even with smaller betting amounts, this will make a difference, even if you win only $5 extra. Various wiseguys been telling us ‘who gives a f*ck about this pocket change’. Well every time that 5$ extra you could place a free accumulator with crazy bets and win a massive amount, like our Fred from Belgium who managed to bank 30.000 euro in this way. 

World Cup Previews & Betting tips

Previews and World Cup betting tips can be found here as the World Cup in Qatar comes nearer. Also for the bigger matches in the regular season we offer the best tips and predicitions. We’ve teamed up with the best proffesional handicappers and twitter tipsters to give you great winners for all Qatar World Cup Bookmaker matches and bigger games in the European Football leagues, the NBA, the NHL and several other betting events. 

World Cup Bookmaker DEPOSIT OPTIONS

You will be able to find the best deposit options per bookmaker of the country of your choice. We lay out the best options for easy deposits in regulated markets such as Canada, but also more restricted territories as Dubai. We go deeper into the local deposit options which are available, but also on the more anonymous way of deposing such as Skrill and Neteller. Also a very common, but yet not very well known range of Crypto Currency bookmakers are available nowadays. Here you will have the option to deposit and bet with Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other stablecoins and even some meme coins like Doge and Shiba Inu.




Not only we focus on the football World Cup in Qatar. What about the Dubai World cup horse racing festival. The biggest horse racing event in the world moneywise. We got the daily tips from the best British Horse racing punter available. The best promotions from Dubai World Cup bookmakers, and we will show which bookies have the Dubai world Cup livestreams.


The FIBA basketball world cup will be hosted in three countries: Indonesia, Japan and Philippines. Obviously, we will focus massively on the event starting from 25 August 2023 until September 10. Odds for the basketball world cup, and all other basketball games, such as the NBA, can be found in our daily basketball betting coupon.


Find the best bookmaker betting odds for the Volleyball World Cup which will be hosted in Poland and Slovenia. Daily odds and volleyball world cup live scores and results can be found here in our daily volleyball betting coupon. The volleyball world cup will be held from the 26th of August until 26th of September. 


Find the best bookmaker betting odds for the Handball World Cup which will be hosted in Poland and Sweden. Daily handball betting odds and live scores can be found here in our daily handball betting coupon.